How to Receive Your Prescriptions for Free or Low Cost on an ONGOING BASIS

You Are About to Learn How to Save an Average of $890 Per Year on Each Medication You Take.

Example Monthly Savings Comparison Chart
Medication Cost Our Cost:
$40 processing fee per month  with  Free        Medicine         (per month)
Each Person
Per Month
Lipitor 80mg $121.99 Free $116.99
Zoloft 25mg $93.99 Free $88.99
Effexor XR 37.5mg $112.99 Free $107.99
Singulair 4mg $112.99 Free $107.99
Plavix 75mg $135.99 Free $130.99
Nexium 20mg $161.99 Free $156.99
Total $739.94 $40.00 $699.94
Monthly Savings: $709.94
Annual Savings: $8,519.28

Federal Medicine Program’s staff and volunteers facilitate admission to programs that have been available for the last 5 years helping people to save or eliminate their prescription medicine costs. And it’s not just poor people who qualify for assistance. With each medication, the income criteria vary from below the poverty level up to $80,000 for a family of four.

This organization helps people to get free medicine directly from pharmaceutical sponsors. If you don’t have prescription-drug coverage or have exhausted it-and it’s a financial hardship to purchase your medication, you may qualify for assistance regardless of your age. Most successful applicants have incomes that are too high for Medicaid but not high enough to buy health care with drug benefits.

The main requirement is that you need the help. If you do not fit the standard requirement of being uninsured, under-insured or have reached a cap with your insurance coverage, or eligible Medicare Part D enrollees who have reached the “donut hole” with your prescription coverage, it’s possible that you can be accepted on appeal if you can show that paying for your required medication is a financial hardship for you.

You fill out an application, which you can obtain online here, or by calling 1-866-844-4587. On the application, list your name, address, phone number, your prescription drugs and the name and address of your doctor. Hit the submit button to have your application reviewed .As a member, here is what to expect:

  • Conduct an initial evaluation of your particular situation, match you with patient assistance programs that fit your particular needs and pre-qualify you for each patient assistance program based on current requirements
  • Recommend a plan of action for you to receive maximum help with prescription
  • Completely fill out all paperwork necessary for your participation and forward it to you with meticulous instructions for signing and gathering supporting documentation necessary for free prescription drug programs
  • Assist you in working with your healthcare provider for obtaining free prescription medication
  • Appeal any negative decisions made by programs on your behalf
  • Follow up when it is time to renew your applications for prescription assistance
  • Be available to answer your questions or make updates to your account or medication information
  • Stay current on trends and changes in available patient assistance programs and how they affect your situation
    To get started now just fill out the application form, or call 1-866-844-4587 to speak to a customer representative.