How do I qualify?

Qualifying for Free Medicine through Prescription Assistance Programs

Each pharmaceutical company has distinctive criteria for qualification to receive prescription aid through their Patient Assistance Program (PAP). However, there are general rules common to all Free Prescription Programs such as the patient must:

  • Be a U.S. resident.
  • Have no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.

Be at an income level that causes a hardship which makes the medication unaffordable at retail prices.

The Good News Is, You May Qualify for Help

Even If You Don’t Expect It

You may be surprised to hear how many people qualify for free prescription medications. Last year, people in need received over $5.2 Billion in prescription medications. Yet amazingly, only a small number of eligible Americans receive help from these programs each year! People of all ages, with incomes up to $80,000, who live in one of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands, turn to us when they have no other options. Our goal is to support patients by helping you cut your monthly prescription costs. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who apply receive some type of aid, whether it is totally free or reduced cost. You can too. Whether you’re:

  • retired,
  • working,
  • going to school,
  • living alone, or with your family,

The can help you. Some people even qualify for a lifetime supply of free medications.

No matter what your situation is, or the hardships you face, we’re here to help when:

  • you’ve lost your job,
  • you’re helping loved ones pay for prescriptions they can’t afford,
  • you’ve reached the annual cap on your prescription medicine insurance coverage,
  • you’re on Medicaid, but need prescriptions that Medicaid does not cover,
  • you’ve applied for disability coverage or are appealing a disability decision,
  • you have pre-existing conditions and were denied insurance coverage,
  • you take prescription medicines that aren’t covered by your insurance,
  • Or you simply have no prescription coverage for whatever reason and have exhausted all options.

The applicant’s income must fall within limits established by each individual program guarantor. Although income limits differ from program to program, usually qualifiers have an income below $21,000 annually for an individual and $32,000 annually for a couple. All decisions on which drugs to be included in the programs and on which individuals will receive aid are made by the various program guarantors, not by Federal Medicine Program (FMP.) It is our mission to help you to qualify for as much prescription aid as possible. Our complete database or Patient Assistance Programs, our incomparable experience in prescription drug support through free prescription programs and our commitment to being the most complete and thorough Patient support Organization in the nation ensure that you will continually receive free medications from the finest available programs for your situation.

It’s not just “poor people” who qualify for assistance

Most people that qualify don’t know it – even people with full-time jobs can qualify. We do our best to make sure you can be free of high prescription costs, not just once, but for the rest of your life. There are more than 64,000 medicines available thru free or low cost programs. You and your family can apply for ALL of the medicines you need, there is no limit.

Apply right here, to get brand-name free medications for a mere one-time $5 processing fee per prescription, even if you are taking brand-name medicine that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars at your local pharmacy. Upon approval, depending on which medication you are getting, free or low cost medicines are typically sent to your home, or a coupon/card is sent that you can take to your local pharmacy, or it is sent to your doctor’s office in your name for you to pick up.

Our bottom line is this. If after you apply, you find out that you do not qualify for free meds and receive no assistance, we can provide information and assistance for other programs and resources to lower your medicine costs here.

While you are applying for free meds, we give you free prescription discount cards that you can use at a local participating pharmacy immediately. (While you are applying for free medicine, you may want to ask your doctor for samples to help tide you over until you find out if you are approved for free medicine.) And you can Request a free price quote for your medicines. (Put to work for you to save your hard earned prescription dollars. Everyone qualifies for this prescription savings program.)

We make it easy to find out if you qualify for free or low-cost medicines. Just enroll online using the initial online enrollment form (it’s the quickest way to get the ball rolling – you typically will receive an email with forms for you and your doctor to sign within 2 hours). You can request a brochure/application mailed or faxed to you by sending an e-mail or calling 1-866-844-4587.

If you have any questions or need an application, be sure to give our friendly patient support a call at 1-866-844-4587. We are here for you Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST.

We do not accept all applicants into our program. We first do a thorough breakdown to see if you will qualify for free prescriptions through patient assistance programs (PAP) and determine if it will be in your best interest to become a member. Second, we determine your ability to work with us to receive prescription assistance from our Patient support Services. We evaluate whether or not you will be able to meet the necessary requirements for membership such as ability to understand and perform the necessary tasks required in joint venture with us? To find out if you qualify, have your prescription and income information ready and click the button below or call us at 866-844-4587.