So what would you expect to pay for such a valuable service? What price can you put on the peace of mind of knowing that you will CERTAINLY receive an ongoing supply of free medicine? How much is it worth to know that you have a fully trained and up to date team of Prescription support on your side and at your beck and call to handle any issues that may arise and make sure your medicine is always in your cabinet?

With prescription costs at exorbitant levels and the average name brand prescription costing nearly $100 per month such a service definitely has a high value. Just making one mistake could cause delays of at least 2 months. At worst, you could never get help with prescriptions at all. If you took 5 prescriptions and had to go without each one for two months you would miss out on approximately $1000 worth of medications. That’s $1000 less that you would have to buy food, electricity, gas or the things that make your life enjoyable. What’s worse, if you couldn’t afford your medication you could suffer serious health consequences from not taking your medications or you could even die unnecessarily.

We’ve had many patients tell us that if they could pay us just half what they pay for their medications now that they would be getting a tremendous value. With the average brand name drug approaching $100 per month. That would only be $50 per month to get free medicine on an ongoing basis. If you took 5 medicines then that would be a $250 savings per month, a savings of $3000 per year.

But we don’t need to charge $50 per month for each medication that you take to get you this valuable drug assistance that you need. Though this would definitely be a good value for you, it doesn’t take that much for us to do our job and make sure you get a continuous supply of free medicine. All it takes us to do all of the work necessary and pay our bills is $40 per month per member that we assist in getting medicine. That’s right, only Pay the annual enrollment fee of $40.00 annually and the monthly membership fee of $40.00 up to 8 prescriptions. Enrollment fee covers processing of any application into the “assistance program” .

Imagine if you walked into a pharmacy and they told you that from now on all of your medications would only be $40 per month, and you didn’t have to pay a big insurance premium to get this. How would that change your life?

Well the same thing is true here. You will begin receiving all of your medicine for free from now on (if you qualify, of course) and to ensure that it’s always there for you and that you don’t have to get bogged down by extensive processes and eventually give up all you have to invest is $40 per month that you qualify to receive.