You Can Get Support with Prescriptions on Your Own

Can You Get Support with Prescriptions on Your Own?

Visualize trying to deal with multiple bureaucracies in order to get support with prescription medications.  Even if you’re able to locate the multiple programs that cover your multiple medications and even get the applications, will you be sure that you will be able to apply and manage the programs on your own?  You must fill each and every application out with 100% accuracy and attach just the right documentation that each Patient Assistance Program requires.  This by itself can be a intimidating task and is the reason a large percentage of applications for support with prescriptions are denied- EVEN WHEN THE PATIENT MEETS THE QUALIFICATIONS.  That is because 100% accuracy is required.  If you make a single mistake they won’t call you and ask you what the right answer is, they will just send you an ugly letter saying you are denied and cannot get support with prescriptions- even if you qualify.

But that’s just the beginning!

Even if you are able to attach all the correct proof of income and other documentation to multiple applications filled out 100% correctly and send them to the right place in order to get approved, you’re only getting started.

What would happen next is that some of the Patient Assistance Programs would send you your free prescription drugs to your home and others would send them to your physician’s office (though they may not notify you that its going there and your doctor may not know what to do with the medicine once they get it.)  Some will send a 90 day supply, some will send a 60 day supply and some will only send 30 days worth of free prescription drugs.   It will be up to you to manage the renewal processes.

The great thing about Patient Assistance Programs is that they are set up to provide you with free medication on an ongoing basis.  However, each one has different processes in place to manage the refill and reapplication process in order to make the medicine support possible.   The first thing you will have to do is reorder your medications in what we call the “Renewal Time Window.”

The “Renewal Time Window” is that period of time in which you can order your medications and receive them before you run out of free prescriptions.  You cannot order it too early or the Patient Assistance Program will not accept the order.  Also, if you order too late, considering each program has a different processing time, you will run out of your medication before your next order of free medicine arrives… and this can cause serious health consequences.

Therefore you must order in the “Renewal Time Window,” a period of time on or after the date that the Patient Assistance Program will accept your refill order and before the time where, allowing for processing time, that you would be out of medication before receiving your refill.

Not only must you apply for refills of medicine support in the right time window, but you must do it in the exact manner that the Patient Assistance Program accepts.

What do they accept?  Well, that’s not an easy question to answer.  Remember, we’re dealing with over 271 different bureaucracies here.  Each one has its way of doing business.  Some will accept a simple phone call for support with prescriptions (though some will require that an advocate or your doctor’s office call).  Others will require a new application and some even a new prescription or new documentation such as proof of income, a copy of your driver’s license or more.  They all differ.    Some will require this request for support with prescription within 30 days, others every 60, some every 90 and some only once per year.

Remember that just one mistake can mean months
without you getting free prescriptions.  Or denial all together…

Or things could be worse, you could end up like millions of Americans who have just given up and gone back to suffering because they simply couldn’t manage these complicated processes of receiving support with prescriptions through Patient Assistance Programs.    Then you are worse off then when you started.  Not only are you not getting medication support, but you are stressed from all of the work that you’ve done to no avail. Furthermore you are dejected because you couldn’t make it work and your hopes of getting support with prescription medications are all but gone.

As a Member of (FMP) you will have unlimited access to our highly trained team of prescription advocates who will walk you through every step of the process of getting support with prescription medications.  What’s more, these advocates will be there to assist you in the rare event that any problems do occur.  Remember, when working with such complicated processes that change all the time, some things can happen.  But that’s why we’re here.  No matter what happens, we will solve the problems and fight for you to get you the maximum amount of support with medication assistance possible, and on an ongoing basis that you can count on.